$ilkMoney - Foolie (Prod. ICYTWAT)

Richmond, Virginia Recording Artist $ilkMoney Of The Underground Hip-Hop Collective Divine Council Is Back With A Exclusive Stream Of His New Track "Foolie". Production By The Infamous ICYTWAT

$ilkMoney Has Created Waves, Among The Ever Growing Virginia Hip-Hop Scene. We Had A Chance To  Speak With $ilk About His Beginnings in Music, His Relationship With Label Mate Lord Linco And More, Below:

When did you start making music?

I literally started making music the summer before last, I was selling weed and always chilling with Linco and freestyled for him and he threw me in Divine Council, bo questioned asked. 

Who were your musical influences?

My music is influenced mostly by how fucked up my life is, Lil B, Erykah Badu, Spitta, and my emotions. Lupe Fiasco is my biggest rap influence.

What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Favorite albums I grew up on was Mama's Gun by Badu, Get Rich or Die Trying by 50, Q-Tip's Amplified, Kanye West's College Drop Out, and ALOT of Lupe Fiasco mix tapes. 

What would be your dream collaboration, rapper or producer?

Dream Collaborations would have to be Erykah Badu, Lupe Fiasco, Lil B, Spitta, and Wayne Brady. I would love to get some Alchemist production. I fuck with OhBliv also.

Why is there no unification in the Richmond, Virginia Hip-Hop scene?

There is no unification in the RVA Hip-Hop scene because the people who have the connections to make the city more united and give it more buzz, have there own agenda they attend to. They worry about themselves and then wonder why nobody shows them respect or wants to shout Richmond out when they make it because why would you support a city or a group of people who didn't support you? The city just selfish. 

How did you meet Lord Linco and what's your musical relationship like with him?

 I met Lord Linco in middle school but we got mad close the summer of 10th grade. I was selling weed and all I wanted to do was sell weed, I was smoking in the car with Linco and Zae Kinchen one day and seen that they were still rapping, so I spit a freestyle and Linco was like "Nigga you're the new member of Divine Council" I was like "Word? You lying." And he was dead ass. I fuck with that cuz he gave me a dream to fight for instead of selling weed my whole life.

Whats Next For $ilkMoney & Divine Counsel?

the next move for Me and DivCo. We gone get these visuals, this merch, and all our projects to drop very soon. We trying to be the jack of all trades with this music shit so we don't have to depend on anybody. 

"Shouts out my Momma and Bernie Mac". - $ilkMoney

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