Babeo Baggins "Downtown" (music video)

Virginia rap artist Babeo Baggins of the all female rap collective Barf Troop has been making waves these past two years. Appearing on Noisey twice to premier her videos "Garbage Pail Princess" and "Breakbeast", performing in Los Angeles with the legendary promoter Adam Weiss of Ham Over Everything, to working with Rookie Magazine for their theme song, and countless other achievements. She just recently dropped a visual for her song "Downtown" off her upcoming mixtape "POS+IVE", which was directed by Will Hoopes (who by the way directed her video for Garbage Pail Princess).  Not only does she spit fire but she can sing! It's relieving to see that more female artists and artists of the marginalized sector of LGBTQ community are being recognized nationally; and is given support in this cis-gendered male dominated field. Don't be mistaken by her sensual candor in her lyrics, she can sure pack a punch.


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