Mr MFN eXquire – Brooklyn Boheme Ft. The Yooj


New Release from Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Ive been following Exquire for over two years now and every drop has been better then the last. His style is so raw and unique, if you haven't peeped go check him out on the Eric Andre Show. Peep his explanation about the track under this write up. Oh...and by the way hes gonna be headling the 2nd Annual #BOMBAYBBQ on May 3rd. More Details coming soon- JR

“This shit was never coming out, one of those did it just do it shit’s and I woke up in a giving mood today. So a new song for the True Believers. This aint on MMoMM, just some random thought’s. When I rap with the calm voice im intelligent, When I rap with the angry voice im ignorant. Enjoy… Sincerely, The Marvelous Mr. Muthafuck”