SPEAK - Gnarly Davidson vs The Marlboro Men

Speak just released his new album Gnarly Davidson vs The Marlboro Men today for streaming on Noisey's official soundcloud, an album long overdue but well worth the wait. Widely known as the writer behind Kreayshawn's hit 'Gucci Gucci', with several full length projects underneath his belt. A limited number of physical copieswill be available, each coming with a 50 page zine and lyric book. Based out of L.A. this rapper/artist/writer is a testament to producing a body of work without a label back, expensive budgets, and utilizing your resources. Artists like The Internet and Syd Bennett aka Syd The Kid from Odd Future lent their production skills to this project as well.  His album is now available for purchase on ITUNES. -DC-CRIME

Official visuals for his song 'Mazda Blue'