Photo by  Jonathan Lopez  

Photo by Jonathan Lopez 

PENTAGRVM (Dorian) 21
PG County 

A PG County native, PENTAGRVM, is a talented producer that has expanded his talent from playing drums in his metal band, INFVMY, to producing for artists like Black Kray, KirbLaGoop and Jake Sinatra. With his extremely diverse music experience he creates a rare and hard variety of beats with his infamous tags “You’re all gonna fucking die up here” from the horror film VHS and “Hey, listen” from Legend of Zelda. Everyone who knows PENTAGRVM’s music can say that they have a favorite beat due to his various range of sounds from beats that go hard to beats that are described as “beautiful” and of course he has produced widely favorited tracks such as KirbLaGoop's "Hard", Black Kray's "Baby Ski Ma$k" and Jake Sinatra's "40". With his consistency you can definitely expect more beats and hits from him very soon.

Photo by  Jonathan Lopez

Where are you from? 
Just like everybody else I was born in DC and I moved to PG County shortly after. My mom is from Guyana and my pops is from Panama. 

Your dad is Panamanian, do you speak Spanish? 
Nah, I’m learning.

Why did you start producing?
I play the drums and I couldn’t practice the drums everyday so I started making beats and it’s pretty much the same shit just with more sounds. 

I chose PENTAGRVM because I listen to a lot of black metal and my favorite black metal album by the band Gorgoroth is titled “Pentagram”.

Who are your current favorite musical artists? (top 5)
Deafheaven, Mayhem, See You Next Tuesday, Yung Gleesh and The Red Chord

You’re not only a producer, you’re also in a band called INFVMY. Tell me about it.
We’re a four piece band out of College Park, MD and we play a fusion between death metal and hardcore. In October it will be 4 years since we started the band and we recently just released our debut album titled BLACKLISTED, go cop. 

How long have you been playing the drums?
I started playing the drums seriously in 2007 but I always had a kit as a child; between the ages of 3 and 7 I would always play to an Earth, Wind & Fire tape my mom would always play.

How do you see yourself expanding your musical career?
As far as producing goes, I’m not taking it as seriously as I should be, but I’m just doing it for fun for now. For my band, I want to promote it more, get some shows lined up and hopefully get a tour going for us for the winter to Mexico with our friends Condemned the Infected.

How would you describe your experience producing for different artists?
To be real with you, it’s sometimes annoying as fuck, because I like to do things in a timely manner and most of these artists aren’t on the same page as me when it comes to time management. Although, for the ones who are, I love y’all and I fuck with y’all … obviously.

Out of all the artists you’ve worked with so far, who do you find the most appealing to work with?
Definitely Black Kray, because when it comes to making beats for him it’s not just your regular trap southern beat, it’s more than that … it be sounding so elegant and beautiful like rich art pieces. And of course, KirbLaGoop because that’s my nigga, obviously. I don’t want to give too much information on who I’m working with because I like to keep my releases confidential until the day of.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had thus far in your short but ongoing producing career? And why?
The very first track I did with Black Kray called Baby Ski Ma$k, because that shit go and it has a Pokemon sample in it from my favorite town.

Who would you like to work with in the near future?
No one but foreal foreal Dolan Beats. 

Are you religious? 

Papers or backwoods?
Both like shit, fuck u mean?
Fuck them niggas that try to talk down on the raw papers. Y’all niggas fakin’.

Who are your influences? 
It’s kind of weird … when it comes to producing I usually get my influences from old deathcore bands, because if you were to slow down a deathcore song it’ll go so hard and you could just add different sounds to it to give it that “trap rap” bounce. You feel me?

Do you have any shoutouts? 
I’d like to give a shoutout to my mans j3 aka Swizzy because if it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t know shit about producing … (I still don’t know shit). Shoutout to GOTHMONEY RECORDS, KirbLaGoop, M.I.L.F. Shoutout Jake Sinatra and them niggas at Kitsch. And shoutout to Jesse Rubin the red bearded barbarian.


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