Loochie, a 21 year old artist who is apart of the collective DEVDLVND SET that is based out of Virginia Beach, VA. He functions as the Engineer/Graphic Designer alongside his cohorts SkwabOg Skii, and Olskoo; all of whom just started making music together at the tail end of summer 2014. Which would explain the rather "rough around the edges" production on his debut EP, but it fits the rather dark and gritty persona that has been mulling about on the internet these days. The sound quality on this particular record definitely reminds of the situations where the artist's online catalog, may not give the full scope of how well they end up performing the tracks live on stage. Most fresh artists do tend to succeed well live, never the less it's a pretty solid impression of what is the foundation of the collective's sound. Loochie enlists all of his fellow members to assist his eight track long ep DEVD. With production credits from rising internet interest John Mello, fellow DEVDLVND member Skwab, GRXVES, Crock,  oG' Yizzle, Snook, os-x, Mikexanax, and Aliengawd. I am interested to see how will he add as artist upon this current style trend in underground.

Check out the 'DEVD' EP and the collective's recent compilation tape 'DEVDLVND DCLXVI VOL. II'. Their next release "The Craft" drops February. 

DC-CRIME, the writer formerly known as DEATH