S.T.A.N – Retro Spectro


Retro Spectro AKA Niles is 1/3rd of the funniest trio on the internet, LeanSquad. After months of making “In the studio” videos such as Migos “Young Nigga” and Chief Keef’s “Bouncin”, Niles turns his hand at rapping with S.T.A.N which stands for “Song That’s About Nothing” which I think is a nod to Wale’s “The Album About Nothing”. With a hard hitting instrumental, Niles raps nonsensical lines that make sense in the moment but mean nothing in the grand scope of the song. Lines such as “Living Room, but they all dead” keep me engaged and give the song the comedic feel that both Niles and LeanSquad are known for. It is unknown if Niles will continue to rap, but I hope he does even if it’s just comedic.

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