Welcome to the 8 - 800

As the DMV music scene continues to mature and get national coverage, one of the stand out collectives is the Maryland/New York based collective 800. Consisting of rappers Kasey Jones, Domingo, half-empty, Mylon Moore, and Al Hostile, producers High Class Filth and Trill800, graphic designers Tashan Spencer and SteezGFX, and director Ande, this creative powerhouse has quickly been able to climb its way up the ladder in the local underground scene as well as on the internet (collectively accumulating well over 500K hits on there discography).

800's most recent development is a collaboration mixtape complied of popular tracks released over the past year by 800 members. Rightfully named, Welcome to the 8, this tape serves as a warm up to what the 8 has to offer. It allows someone who isn't already familiar with their music to get a taste of what has made them grow so rapidly in popularity. The track are all featuring verses from 800 rappers with the exception of features from Maryland rapper, Dimeji and GramFam rapper/producer rMell. Production on this project comes from Matt McGhee, MadBliss, Chase Smith, Lord Fubu, rMell, Andy McMann, Jrose, Captain Creep, and Trill800.

In my opinion this is definitely a must listen for anyone who is searching for a different sound in underground music than whats currently poppin. The 8 has a fresh sound and look about them that shouldn't go slept on for much longer. Make sure you catch the wave early and listen to this mixtape while you wait for new music from 800.