Recently, the George Washington University announced that there will be budget cuts spanning the entire range of the university's course offerings with the budgets being lowered by about 5% across the board.

Except for the music department.
The music department will see cuts up to 50%.

These cuts will be devastating to the students that are pursuing music as career choices. They will be even more destructive to the community that welcomes the countless creative minds that come into GW every year looking for support and a group of likeminded people that share a love for art. 

Various artists took to protesting this ridiculous decision by promoting and showcasing their art over a 24 hour period from Thursday April 16th through Friday April 17th. Various student musicians were followed by the master GW Music Department faculty. Special guests ROBSTOKESBAND and Ace Cosgrove came to show love and support.  


Ace finished his short set with a few choice words, apologized for cursing and commented on how random his appearance was. The love was all there though. It was a beautiful day with beautiful music.

Art is at the very core of our being as humans. It's the way we see the world. 
This isn't about GW. It's not even about any of the people participating. It's about the way we look at art in our society as an inferior lens through which to understand the human condition. These cuts are a symbol that represent this mindset and they affect all of us. 

Send a letter. Sign the petition. Save the arts.