4/20 AT U HALL


For those who don't know, 4/20 (April 20th) is a globally recognized annual celebration of weed culture. In other words, it's another excuse for people to spark up (as if they needed one anyway) and send a fucking obscene amount of snapchats to advertise their participation in the festivities.

I started off the day as any other. I was over the 4/20 hype - smoking weed is as common and casual as having a beer in this day and age - so I wasn't trying to celebrate in any particular way. Having had no idea what I would be doing that night, I got a text in class. My friend hit me up because he had an extra ticket to the Joey Fatts show. 

I had no idea who Joey Fatts was but I knew Flash Frequency and Rob Stokes were going to be there so I figured why not drop by. Once enough rum was in my system we made our way to U Street and it was surprisingly empty when the doors opened. We were coasting for a minute, talking to some of the people around us, laughing about how Fatts tweeted that he would be bringing 3 lbs. of weed to the show in an effort to get everyone there stupid high. I'd been lowkey hyped for that though, it would have been something to see. 

Rob starts the show off DJing, warming the crowd up with some tracks before Vaunfe takes the stage. I'd only seen this guy one time before at a previous U Hall show but I wasn't paying too much attention at the time. I learned that he was a part of the Hostile Youth movement so I figured I wouldn't be disappointed, and I wasn't. His voice was different, distinct. For someone that no one knew about at the time, he made his presence known. 

Shortly after, Flash Frequency took over the decks and our own Uno Hype was cued in to do his set. The Hostile Youth trio was united on the stage as Ace would hop the stage for a song or two or to just generally hype the crowd up. Uno's set ended with an unreleased track that featured Vaunfe, and Ace giving hugs to people in the audience because it was his birthday (or that's what everyone was saying) and he was having a good time. Bless. 


At this point I had started to get tired but I knew I was staying until the end so I sucked it up. The next hour and a half was just act after unknown act and every time someone new took the stage I had no complaints. Raven Sorvino, an upcoming female rapper out of Houston quietly but confidently walked out on the stage with her DJ in bright red Air Max 90's, a bucket hat and a baseball jersey tastefully hanging over denim short shorts. I'd be lying if I said she wasn't killing each article of clothing. She seemed sweet and I absolutely did not expect her to trap the fuck out like she did. It was a great time and she did well to keep the audience feeling that. She had a G-Pen that she had me hit mid-performance, so that was dope.

After a few tracks of rapid-fire rhymes characteristic of the Southern Hip-Hop that she repped she shifted to something way more downbeat and intimate, bringing up this guy wearing a bucket hat from the audience for her performance of "Bucket Hat'z LO". She sat him down on a chair and this guy was making an admirable effort to control his carnal urges as she performed the most sultry lap dance since "Anaconda". Her performance and the way she bounced from vibe to vibe while still being true to her bad bitch persona is a style reminiscent of a Southern DeJ Loaf and I fucked with that heavy. She concluded her appearance throwing custom 40 bags in the air and joining the crowd.

It was only an hour left until Joey's set so I expected maybe one or two more openers. The next dude that steps out is the most Fat Trel looking motherfucker I have ever seen, except a little lighter skinned. Robbie, another Texas rapper (Austin) makes it clear as soon as he hits the stage that he's not fucking around and turning down was not an option. You could hear the Southern influence in the heavy bass and evil bells. He claimed that he had hit "like 8 million dabs" before coming up but that didn't stop him from leaping over my shoulder and sending the crowd into a frenzy. Shit was wild. A mosh pit is always refreshing.



I could now see Joey standing by the steps to the stage as his final preceding act slowly hit the stage. KREAM CLICC GANG BANG. A silence fell over the crowd and it was only seconds until Houston's Maxo Kream dropped fire on a beat that put me on my ass. At this point it only started to get interesting. After getting the crowd ready for what was to come, Maxo dropped the fucking bomb. Cleansides Finest himself, Yung Gleesh, thrusts himself onstage to the sounds of his PCP anthem "Water" with a moonwalk that leads into his signature Water Dance. Maxo retakes the HOT crowd and brings Joey in at the absolute peak.

Joey Fatts walks to the front with his red Supreme headband and incredible charisma. He shouts out the A$AP Mob and brings out A$AP Ant for a final guest performance. Ant was on the shits and he was geeking heavy and Fatts found this really amusing. After a full setlist playing classics like "Chipper Jones 3 Intro", "Sunday" and "Tryna Get It", Fatts takes to the crowd to keep the party going and leads everyone outside. 


At this point i'm wondering what the fuck is going on but I don't really care, like 200 people just stormed out onto the street after this guy. Once we're all out there he's standing a few feet away and tells the crowd to keep it's distance as he chucks a bag full of joints in the air and motherfuckers RAGE. The mob calmed down for just an instant before he pulled out another bag and started chucking actual nugs in the air. I already got a j so I was good. I snapped a few pictures of my friend sparking with Joey with this disposable camera (I haven't used the shits in years but they're still clutch) and we called it a night as we walked away from the venue still holding our j's like they were gifts from Christ.

Happy 4/20.