I heard about these guys after a friend of mine told me he and his boys were going to bring Father and Grandmilly to Georgetown. I had no idea what to expect but he kept emphasizing the artistic aspect of it - that it wasn't a show strictly for Father but rather that Father was a supplementary performance to build more hype because let's be honest, that's a dope combination. 

As soon as I got to the event though, I quickly found that I lost interest in seeing Father that day and was just intrigued by all that was going on around me; people promoting their gear, artists showcasing their artwork and galleries of photography lining the walls. The visual component was solid and tied well into the musical aspect as rappers began approaching the stage - an elevated platform behind a half-pipe with two sets of percussion sections on one side and the turntables on the other - in awe of the setup.

To be brief, UCYPHE is a group of aspiring artists and dreamers that are looking to further the emphasis on artistic expression and the pursuance of such endeavors. Based in New York, the group has hosted shows in several states around the country with local artists coming through to promote their art and their message.

It was about 8 and I had already been there for a minute. I'd been meeting a bunch of musicians. I finally got to meet Brooklyn rapper Venture Cook about 6 months after Tremell first put me onto his music. AMN's Illstafa popped in to peep the exhibition and show love. I also ran into ATOMOS, whom I had invited to the show but had no idea whether or not they would roll through. I spent the rest of the show trying to get them on the stage but that didn't work out - besides the initial act and some guest appearances only Grandmilly (with guest DJ Theravada) and Father ended up on the stage that night. 

Regardless, the show was easily a success as Father closed the show with a few signature bangers in his unusually short set ("Look at Wrist"/"Who's Gonna Get Fucked First?"). I spent the rest of the night with Khan, Mahi and the squad looking for food & liquor (the latter of which being one that Grandmilly and Theravada were also heavily invested in), and ended the night finding our way back to the campus for the afterparty. 

Even though it took my ass an hour and a half to walk home, the show was definitely lit. The artistic connection among the individuals at the venue was palpable. UCYPHE has provided a medium for artists to grow and explore the art that's composed of their various idiosyncrasies while sharing their experience with the world in an environment that welcomes it - a family in its own right.  
Look out for more UCYPHE shows in the future.
UCYPHE is love
UCYPHE is life


Photography courtesy of K. Chambers