Long Kiss of Death - Uno Hype (Feat. Ace Cosgrove)

The Hostile Youth movement's native sons Uno Hype & Ace Cosgrove came in hot at the interwebs with tweets about a collaboration video that would soon surface. The video (directed by Criminal Priest) for the lowkey single "Long Kiss of Death" off of Uno's upcoming project White Noise has been getting major attention from outlets such as DJBooth, DEAD ART and The Daily Loud since it's release yesterday.

Erase the past from the present
and all the old methods and that image you protectin’

The video, like the track itself, showcases a darker, more grounded and critical side of Uno's experience thus far with a name reminiscent of some 50's film noir title. His thoughtful lyrics advising aspiring artists to strive for more than getting pussy and material objects can be heard over Ghost McGrady's eery and pensive production. He urges the new generation to continue to move forward and to fight against creative stagnation and the system that fights to keep them down. The dramatic effect is carried forward with greyscale visuals with pockets of distortion in between.

It hurts for a minute
but it ain’t worth it

Ace, who can be seen out of the camera's focus in the background, breaks his silence after the chorus with his verse that continues in the same vein as Uno's with a more amiable yet still incredibly cynical delivery. He explores his feelings towards his craft and his skepticism about the industry that surrounds it all while touching on his negative experiences with relationships and his dwindling sanity. In the end though, it's all good. He has to keep the shirt on his back somehow.

Long kiss of death left a hickey on my neck
but it’s aiight

Peep the video above. 
Check Uno Hype's page on the site for updates and also be sure to visit Ace's Soundcloud for more personal insight on his experiences. Either way you won't be disappointed.