Fool's Gold has always been a staple in independent music distribution. Standing as one of the few labels that can thrive without "selling out", they are always able to find and cultivate new talent.  And with a roster consisting of Danny Brown, Kid Cudi, Lil B, and Party Supplies (to name a few) we shouldn't expect anything less than great coming from that camp. ATL songstress BOSCO's EP Boy proves that she is going to hold up that name. 


Released June 2nd, promptly after she announced her signing with Fool's Gold, this debut EP channeled all the aspects of some good old fashion 90s. The smooth, soothing female vocals over bass heavy, thumping ATL production with strong essence of sexuality make this project very enjoyable and slightly nostalgic in taste. As cliche as it may sound, BOSCO gives me glimpse of Aaliyah when I listen to the EP with a little Toni Braxton and TLC sprinkled in.  

The title track, released prior to the the rest of the project, sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the project. NEVR and REO's trunk rattling production compliment BOSCO vocals perfectly and the feature from fellow ATL rapper Jace adds balance making it a great R&B song. But as classic R&B as I want this to be, I can't help but feel the new age twist on it. The electronic undertones added in production are very appreciated and seem to be a trend in the R&B of today. 



Being the huge R&B fan that I am this project was everything I wanted I to be. She came hard on every track sounding like a female Keith Sweat over all that bass. The length of the project is my only disappointment (which I guess is a good thing because it leaves me wanting more). My prediction is that this EP is going to get a lot of attention this summer and that BOSCO is going to do big things in the next coming months. ATL is on the rise again and with this EP she shouldn't have a problem being able to rise up the ranks and shake the industry with more shit as bomb as this. Make sure you check it out. 

~Kiah Fields