Before I moved to California last November, I never actually listened to funk music. Of course I had my musical background and recognized the names of Bootsy Collins, P-Funk, and Earth, Wind, and Fire; however, I never took the time to actually listen to them outside a family cookout. On the west coast, especially SoCal, a lot more people listen to funk than you would expect. Funk has a large influence on a lot of the rap and specifically the production. 

DâM-FunK and Snoopzilla's 7 Days of Funk

DâM-FunK and Snoopzilla's 7 Days of Funk

DâM-FunK, a producer signed to Stones Throw (the famous label hosting MF DOOM and Madlib to name a few), is one of the very few producers in Los Angeles trying to bring that funk sound back to the city. He's worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, as Snoopzilla, on a project entitled "7 Days of Funk" and most recently with Alchemist on the "Welcome to Los Santos" album for GTAV. It's safe to say that his discography speaks for itself.  

STFU is an instrumental EP that DâM-FunK released earlier this month. And like 7 Days of Funk, he brought that GFunk hard. This project screams LA. Listening to it reminds me of riding around Leimert Park, smoking dope, waiting for the parties to start. For me, this is feel good music. The synths over the deep basslines are so melodic it's a damn shame. Listening to this brings back the good old days of Doggpound, Ice Cube, and The D.O.C. The electronic aspects of the project are great as well. It's like a fusion of new and old Los Angeles production. A kind of Low End Theory meets Chronic 2001 . I highly recommend this tape to anyone who loves music, especially those instrumental junkies. Make sure you check it out. 

~Kiah Fields