VIDEO: Miles Meraki - HWUDOR

Today as part of #AfterFWeek2 GramFam standout, Miles Meraki, released visuals for his track "HWUDOR". This video was a nice breath of fresh air compared to the usual "jumping up and down with my friends" that we see in majority of underground rap videos.

Codie Monowi did a great job capturing the essence of this song through his direction.  The glitchy edits and split second transitions made this a very fun video to watch. The colors throughout were also very captivating and kept me interested. The attire provided by AILIS KINGDOM was also a nice touch. But it wasn't just the video that caught my attention, the song itself was a switch up from Miles' usual high energy bars. In the past Meraki has shown that he is able to switch up his flow and with this video he has confirmed for me that he is the most versatile rapper in GramFam. Keep it up Miles.

~Kiah Fields