Adult Swim Singles #1: Dawn Richard - Running from Sane

Ok, so who remembers Diddy's social experiment that was Danity Kane?  Well if you don't, let's take a walk down memory lane. In 2004, in a failed attempt to create the world's next female super group, Sean Combs launched the 3rd season of his infamous show Making the Band. From this season Danity Kane was born. Danity Kane was an R&B pop group of five girls who were the final contestants of Diddy's reality show. They had a short stint of music festival performances, middle America mall album signings, and TRL placements from 2005-2009 and reintroduced themselves in 2013 only to break up again a year later. Fortunately, something good was able to come out of this second break up of the group. Since she removed herself from the horrible idea that was Danity Kane, Dawn Richard has excelled in the electronic/dance music world dropping two hit albums, one of which was no. 2 on the Bilboard electronic/dance charts this year. She has also since left Bad Boy Records to become an independent artist under her own label, Our Dawn Entertainment. And now, she has caught the eye of Adult Swim.


Over the past few years, Adult Swim has shown their love for independent music by releasing projects chop full of singles that span over almost all genres of music. In 2010 they started a campaign called the Adult Swim Singles Project where for 19 weeks they would release one brand new song a week from different independent artists of there choosing. To kick off the festivities this year they chose Dawn Richard. Her single, Running from Sane, is a lot more than one would expect from someone who made a name for themself on a reality show series. The production of the track is like a whirlwind of electronic synths and sounds mixed with the souls of a free form jazz piece. All of the different components of the song seem to be battling against each other in a rhythmic Brazilian dance-fighting kind of way. The instrumental rides out for a full minute and thirty seconds before the distorted vocals come in as if they were another instrumental layer to the beat. Then out of almost nowhere the vocals come on strong and the whole song comes together. Even though I don't personally listen to electronic music, I can't seem to stop listening to this track. It has a hypnotic feel about it that makes me hit replay over and over again. I was definitely pleasantly surprised by this track and feel it was a great way for Adult Swim to grab people's attention and kick off this years Singles Project. Stay tuned to find out what the next drop will be. 

~Kiah Fields