GoldLink - Dance on Me


It hasn't been too long since a friend of mine told me to keep an eye out for an acquaintance of his at VCU that was gradually making moves in pursuance of artistic endeavors. A meeting with Rick Rubin, several Soulection appearances and a feature on XXL's Freshman List later and GoldLink has the world in the palm of his hands. Yet, he's only just getting started.

Currently in the middle of a North American tour, GoldLink still has just enough heat to break out some fire with a new track. "Dance on Me" is a sultry yet upbeat Hip-Hop/R&B jam that features textured percussion over synths that sound like they're being immersed in an infinity pool and a subtle vocal sample that just makes you want to close your eyes and levitate. 

NoVa's own continues to demonstrate his impeccable flow as he rapid-fire bounces on the beat without ever missing his mark, producing a sound that is utterly organic. 

This is his time, just watch.
Make sure you catch him on tour this June. 

 - Wadood