VIDEO: Mike of Doom - smokealadope (Feat. Key Nyata)

Mike of Doom comes back hot with some more material after just recently releasing his latest mixtape Mayor Files and, as much as you would expect from someone who's favorite word seems to be "whop", the video for the track "smokealadope" is delightfully bizarre. 

Opening up with a vintage arcade game style menu, upon choosing "lit" under the skill level menu the video transitions to a grainy shot of the Washington Monument - and then a colossal hit from a Washington Monument bong. We see Mayor Whop, clad in khaki's and a suit jacket, about ready to give the presidential address. 

The video continues blending American political motifs with weed as Barack himself appears in multiple scenes to hit the blunt and show his support for Mike, who drops bar after bar to illustrate his blue dream and only pauses to light another blunt on a burning mini American flag. 

The fun refuses to stop as Senator Hostile and Congressman Jones make appearances, also clad in full presidential attire. The audience is thrown back to the 4th grade with diaramas involving bulldozers, rolled and unrolled blunts and a miniature Capitol building. 

Lord Whop stays true with his oddly humorous left-field style in this video. I definitely hope to see more Mike/Ryan Florig collaborations in the future.



- Wadood