DENISHAZE has always had his own brand of music that is unique to say the least. From his ambient trap sound that is HAZEREALM to his schizophrenic referencing of ABIGAIL COLLINS, who is a ghost from 1695 who haunts him, listening to DENISHAZE is defintely an experience. Although in the past his music has been hard for me to listen to, this song was actually very appealing. It started off in the muddled and convoluted way that his songs have in the past but it promptly switched when the beat dropped to something you could rock to. The visuals to this track are equally unique. If you've ever watched a DENISHAZE video before you'd know that there is a vague narrative starring Abigail Collins and himself. The visual overlay, flashes of light, and quick changes between scenes match the aura of the song. The filter over the whole video makes the whole thing more "hazy", which I would imagine was the intent of DENISHAZE. This video has successfully turned me into a DENISHAZE supporter. Take a step into the HAZEREALM and decide for yourself if you're a supporter yourself. 

 ~Kiah Fields