Raury - Devil's Whisper

I hadn’t been hip to Raury’s music throughout the past year, not even when he rolled through U Hall for a show that I went to see my friends perform at. A part of me (entirely based on assumption) rejected the idea of yet another semi-talented rapper kid that the entire media sphere got a hard on for just because he dropped a few cool lines. It wasn’t until I went to play the Indigo Child Project game that I had to severely reassess my feelings towards Raury. It was the first time in a while where I listened to a song and felt refreshed, like when your eyes open wide and you take a breath of fresh air and you just feel alive after being stagnant and emotionally decrepit for so long. The game was also just delightful.

"Devil's Whisper" is Raury's first release since Indigo Child dropped last summer and since he went on a tour around the country to show everyone the world that he’s created with his songs. “Devil’s Whisper” (presumably a counterpart to “God’s Whisper”) features a character giving advice to a young boy – Raury – and trying to lure him in with promises of diamonds and the world in between choruses of children cautioning him to run from the devil. The song is largely rooted in it’s simple composition – a blend of folk and hip-hop that is now characteristic of the Indigo Child – and features a pattern similar to its counterpart with guitar plucking over a simple clap/kick percussive rhythm and the occasional electronic instrument (in this case, just a synthesized bass). Raury counters the alluring whispers with a confident verse pushing people to run in their own direction, one that they choose for themselves. 

I loved the track, it goes to show that the future only gets brighter for someone who’s so driven. It would be false to say that the young Negus is on the come up because that implies there’s a come down. Raury, however, is somewhere else entirely – in a different universe with a life like an extended indie movie that makes you treasure youthful vitality and expression in a world that tries so hard to grind it down.

Keep doing as you do, I’m sending as much positivity as I can.

- Wadood



One must aim to seek their own heaven, not someone else’s version of whatever that should be.