VIDEO: DanVHefner - Dayz of Rot


One thing I love about writing posts is that I always seem to come across some interesting shit whether I find it myself or if people send it to me. Today is no different because "interesting" is the only word that my mind could possibly produce after sitting through the 2-minute gauntlet that is DanVHefner's new video for the track "Dayz of Rot".

At first I thought there was something wrong with the playback because like 5 seconds into the start was just nothingness but then, almost like he wanted you to not expect what was coming, we see the rapper seated at a table with his eyes closed preparing for a seance while a loud, distant voice narrates the event over a pseudo-funky humming conga rhythm.

Fair enough. It was all fair game up until a black transition slide with a comical voice, like something out of a 50s movie when the jokes were very tongue-in-cheek, reading the red text on the slide.

Care for a little necrophilia?

Oh ok. It's going to be like that. Alright then. 
As i'm still trying to process the turn that this video has taken, he uses this mild confusion that he's put me in to come at me relentlessly with line after line of ancient royal imagery that he blends with his goals of living lavishly in the modern realm as he sips wine over a Ouija board. Essentially, a regular Thursday at the Vincent Price residence. He continues rapping on a seemingly infinite amount of tangents with the camera rotating rapidly around him in between overlapping shots that highlight the ominous vibe as he gets closer and closer to performing the ritual. 

Although the video is relatively short, being really only about 1:45, it's hard to say that you will be disappointed. DanVHefner only needs 29 seconds to get you to vibe, that's a known fact.

This experience is not for the feeble. Welcome to the Dayz of Rot.


- Wadood