Lil B Removes James Harden's Curse #TYBG

Lil B has a knack for extending his influence to all realms of entertainment and basketball is no different. For those of you who have been watching the playoffs and were just appalled at the Rockets' performance, you should know that this wasn't a fluke or some unlucky streak. What actually happened was that the Rockets' shooting guard, James Harden, made a grave mistake few men ever dare to make.

Basically, Harden was caught during a celebration doing Lil B's cooking dance without giving props to the based god. He then went on to claim that he had no idea who Lil B was, which turned out to be blatantly false. As punishment, Lil B placed a curse on Harden who was plagued with poor performance for the rest of the season as the Warriors went on to win the playoffs. 

It was not until very recently that Lil B appeared on Sportsweek to announce the lifting of Harden's curse.

No dice for Kevin Durant though. Watch the full breakdown above. 

- Wadood