Black Smurf- Hoodlum


Look, I'm going to be a frank as possible, this new Black Smurf fucking cranks. I'm two songs in as I'm writing this introduction and I had to make sure that fact made it in the review. This project is defintely making this seven hour drive to San Francisco a lot more bearable.

Hustle God showed on this project why he's one of the few rappers to make it out of East Memphis. His explosive flow over the trunk rattlin production that he's chosen come together into one of the hardest tapes to drop this season. Before this project I never listened to much of Black Smurf's past work, but after enjoying Hoodlum so much I dove into his discography. It's clear to see, after listening to his music, why Chris Travis brought him on board his Water Boyz Ent team. Black Smurf has an edgy style the reminds me of a mix between DJ Paul, Project Pat, and Tommy Wright III (all from Memphis). His villainously criminal lyrics make me want to get up out this car and fuck something up.  His perpetual message is also a very relatable one, hustle. I personally enjoy rappers that rap about getting money, especially when it's in a "by any means necessary" way. My favorite song on the project is "Truly Blessed" after that it's a a toss up. All of the songs fuckin crank. The production from Goza Beats and Rich Beatz did not disappoint. I recommend this tape to all those in need of a little hustle motivation. Look out for Black Smurf coming to the DMV this July. 

~Kiah Fields