RetcH - Troubled Man's Lullaby feat. Mac Miller


RetcHy Lo Sweater has an album coming out June 30th so its only right that he give us a glimpse of the greatness that we've been waiting for. This track is a little different from the his last single "Hunnit Bands". For this lullaby RetcH goes back to his story telling ways to paint us the picture of a violent day in the life of a troubled man. The song starts with a story about a drug addicted woman. In the verse, spit by Mac Miller, the imagery and symbolism are spine chilling. The details used to describe Mac's encounter with this woman are superb. I can almost see the girl he's talking about as he spits about her. RetcH comes in on the second verse as dasterdly as expected. The events of the 16 are just as sinister as the flow. RetcH's description of a public shootout is like a scene from your favorite hood movie. Even the cover art is on point with the details of the song. The beat also add the perfect element of suspense and darkness as if it were background music during a horror flick. Larry Fisherman really did his thing on this one. Goes to show you that in a world of uninspired trap music there are still some great story tellers and true producers out there. Stay on the look out for Finesse The World coming June 30th. 

~Kiah Fields