VIDEO: Nobodies - Hermes Trismegistus (Shot by FXRBES)

This is a video that I've been waiting for, and not necessarily because of the song.  Florida based videographer, FXRBES, has been promoting this video with stills and clips over the past month and it's dark imagery and singular color use enticed me to upon release review this project. I don't know nor have I heard much about Nobodies but I can now say that I am intrigued by their brand of dark, energetic rap. Thanks to the visuals by FXRBES I've been exposed to group that I really fuck with and probably would have never heard of. 

The song itself had a very relatable message. Who doesn't wanna be great. The imagery used to express the lengths that some will go to achieve that greatness sent a chill up my spine. I'm not the most religious person; but, motifs of demon worship still have a way of getting to me, so it was interesting to see them used blatantly, it added to the punk rock level energy of the song. The black and white contrasting with the red used throughout the scenes also added to the suspense of the video. It all came together in a collage of evil intentions and desperation for glory. I give the video two horns up. I'm defintely going to look more into Nobodies music and can't wait to see more from the young visionary that is FXRBES. 

~Kiah Fields