VIDEO: Father - Who's Gunna Get Fucked First

This video is raunchy to say the least. Father has cemented his place as the new overweight lover of hip hop wih this own brand of uber sexual lyricism with borderline pornographic videos to match. Reminding me of an old Nelly or Luke video, "Who's Gonna Get Fucked First" gives you that "I'm not supposed to be watching this, but im not going to stop" feeling. Promiscuous in all the best ways, the compromised vantage point makes this peep show more exciting to watch. The video itself isn't much by way of action, probably just Father with a member of his online harem fooling around, but what it lacks in subject it makes up for in camera angles and placement. This is one of the sexiest video concepts I've seen this year and it doesn't realize any suggestive body parts; at most the viewer is blessed with some belly button action. Although it may be a little uncomfortable with those who value their personal space, I give this video an 8 out of 10. The creativity behind it is great. Giving the world all the sex that they look for in music videos with only a peephole's view. Make sure you check it out and you check out Father's new album "Who's Gonna Get Fucked First".  

~Kiah Fields