$UICIDEBOY$ - High Tide In The Snake's Nest

Before hearing this project I was not a fan of the $UICIDEBOY$. Not because I didn't like their music but because I was oblivious to it. I haven't listened to New Orleans rap since the glorious days of the Big Tymers, so when I was asked to write this review I was pleasently surprised. At first glance of the talent i did not expect anything that I would hear soon after. What I expected to be something along the lines of a Yung Lean type of sound turned out to be something that appealed to the rock fan in me. 

The way they opened the tape was insane to me. Those vocals reminded me of a mix between Bones Thugs n Harmony and Three 6 Mafia. It was what i would call a true 'Trap Ballad". The next few tracks were classic southern underground rap straight through. The smaples and low-fi bass were on some Hypnotize Minds shit. The stand out track was off course no disappointment. Pouya has always been one to hop on tracks and lay them to rest; but, it was the $UICIDEBOY$ twist on the classic underground style that comes from Pouya that made this song stand oput in my opinion. I'm personally not a Slug Christ fan so the fourth track could have done without that last verse and been just as strong if not stronger. Mannequins Are My Friends reminded me of Linkin Park if they would have collabed with Bizzy Bone in a very dark way. The next few tracks were very enjoyable but didn't much stand out to me. My favorite track however was the outro, Exodus. I felt like i was listening to Bad Brains and Lord Infamous on the same cut. This was the best possible way they could have closed this tape. 

I recommend this tape to anyone who enjoys darkwave, horrorcore rap. This tape isnt for the faint of heart. The subject matter is sinister and the instrumentals are hard. Being that horrorcore is one of my favorite subgenres of rap music, this tape has made its way into my rotation. Good work $UICIDEBOY$, can't wait to hear more work from you guys in the near future.