VIDEO: Lofty305 & F1LTHY - See Thru It

Being the huge science fiction fan that I am, I appreciate this video.  From the poon Death Star to the laser gun wielding astronaut lions, this video was everything I'd expect from the mind of Lofty305. The 3D animation was like playing Galaga on a little too much acid. The colors are wild and vibrant enough for me to warn any epileptics who may read this. The best part about this video is how smoothly the track fit with the animation. For some reason the rhythm and blues stylings of Lofty305 and alien astronauts on acid flow together seamlessly on screen. It's as if the song is telling the story of the video and vice versa. Big ups to Lofty on the animation. It's a new twist to the ort/music game that I hope to see more of in the future. Shoutout to CSPG and keep an eye out for events featuring Loftenhozen in the near future. Elise coming soon. 

~Kiah Fields