VIDEO: The Internet feat. Kaytranada - Girl

Director Lacey Duke has provided us with a video just as beautiful as the song it visualizes. From the colors to the scenery to the edits, this video has everything you'd want to see when you listen to neo-soul. It's almost like she inserted the Internet into my mind as I listen to this song with my eyes closed. To start, the use of colorization was exquisite. Blending the original colors of the band members with a single color each from the galactic background made each scene like a painting. The transistion of scenery from outer space to a meadow to jus the open sky was so soothing. It was a pleasent visual counterpart to the song. The close ups of the band and the girl Syd was singing about made the video more personal. Being able to see all the emotions of each musician up close allowed more emotion to be transfered and the listener to get into the song more. In short this video is amazing. It definitly stands apart from anything out in the mainstream today, just like the band it visualized. Make sure you keep a look out for Ego Death, coming very soon. 

~Kiah Fields