VIDEO: KirbLaGoop - FTP

We've been showing a lot of love to the Florida hip-hop scene - and with good reason. There is no style quite like that of the lower East coast, and few more perfect examples than the Sunshine State's own KirbLaGoop. It feels like it's been ages since I've seen one of his videos - I might have never even seen one. With the drop of the highly-anticipated video for his track "FTP" (Fuck the Population) just under a week ago, I couldn't help but get hyped though because I could only imagine what sort of fuckery would be taking place. 

The video places huge emphasis on slow motion and generally goes how you would expect a Kirb video to go - a bunch of dudes of all colors wiling out with an assortment of guns, drugs and liquor. The perfect example of an integrated community. The highlight of the video for me was the little cameo that the USPS van made sometime around the middle or the girl that stayed in the exact same position on Kirb's lap for the duration of the song.

While there was not much going on - the video was essentially a collection of shots of guys hanging out - it would be unfair to say that those 4 minutes weren't entertaining. Not only did they look like they were having a blast doing absolutely nothing, but it's rare that you see a mix of people of different creeds and colors all bound together by the desire to make a music video. It's just delightful.

KirbLaGoop never disappoints. Keep eyes on Florida.


- Wadood