VIDEO: Ras Nebyu - Half Man, Half Slizzard

The DMV never disappoints when it comes to dope videos for dope tracks. DC’s own Ras Nebyu premiered the video for his track “Half Man, Half Slizzard” directed by Xaivia Inniss and himself a few days back giving you a day in Nebyu’s only partially terrestrial life. 

The video features the Ethiopian import, working, recording and just doing him. Essentially, the “half man” part of the video is just him on his grind and it doesn’t seem all that exciting. But it’s when the “slizzard” component is interpolated into the film when you realize that it’s pretty tight. He finds himself talking to beings from another world that manifest themselves as women with demonic voices in his head telling him about his resemblance to a prophetic alien being. Naturally, this leaves him disoriented.

The choruses simply feature good times – rugged elation and people dancing in a combination of regular clothes and cool ass costume type deals – as the kids in the video, including the alien girl, soak up the vibes. 

The second verse sees a shift in scenery to a more natural environment and it’s a refreshing contrast. The vibes match the feels of the song perfectly as you see the groups of people gathered together perfectly content in doing nothing but chilling with each other. For a relatively upbeat song, the visuals are quite relaxing. 

The video itself is pretty simple with the only noticeable effects being mainly transitions and quick frames, but it’s these minor details that complete the video without oversaturating the appeal. It’s not as weird as I’d expect a video about slizzards to be, but it doesn’t always have to be. At the end of the day, he’s cooling.

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- Wadood