VIDEO: TrippyTheKid X Dylan Ross - PsychTest

I was first attracted to the TrippyTheKid/Dylan Ross “PsychTest” video by the first 2 seconds when I thought I saw a homunculus from FullMetal Alchemist make an appearance. While that wasn’t true, I was far from disinterested. 

The video, directed by Hidden Behind Leaves, is a psych test but in a more unconventional sense of the word. The visuals are hazy and pushed through a purple lens creating this dreamlike aura that fits perfectly over LeDerrick’s soothing introspective synths. The eerie anime clips in the back transport the song (and consequently, the listener) to a different world where you’re given this peaceful space to confront your own mind. The visuals make it hard to pay attention to the lyrics but you find yourself drifting between what you see and Trippy’s acid-inspired verse.

The game completely changes when Dylan Ross’s pseudo-rapped verse comes in as his voice floats through the air and it’s really dark but there’s something blissful about how fluid it sounds over the beat. The visuals are completely fucked at this point with eyes staring into your soul. It makes you forget that anime is a cartoon. The vocals return to Trippy for a few seconds and there’s no chance of him ending it on a brighter note – the song stays delightfully melancholy until the end. 

The video is indeed a psych test, providing your brain with a serene space to determine whether its integrity will hold when given time to think about itself, or otherwise corrupt against the pressure of your thoughts. Shit's a trip, it's pretty cool. 

Check out their Moon Men mixtape if youre not already hip. 

- Wadood