CMT- Relativity EP


The indigo revolution is beginning. Pioneers of the movement, Tru and Crystal Mec (2/3 of new group Diaspora), surprised the Internet this week with a new EP. These 6 new songs follow the "Conscious Trap" that they have been pushing as of late. Completely produced by Tru, the bass heavy beats are reminiscent of those popular in rap today, the only difference are the lyrics. Its obvious if you pay attention that CMT is for the youth. They have an enlightening message about shit that frankly, most people don't know shit about. CMT is like a gateway artist to spiritualism. The combination of both of their abilities on each track is amazing. Crystal Mec's voice is angelic. Tru's bars are undeniable. Its hard to believe that all of this could be a freestyle (hinted by the artists on social media) just like the Diaspora EP. These kids are definetly a duo to watch over the next few years. I see nothing but great things in their future musically and spirtually. 

~Kiah Fields