RetcH - Finesse The World

Off top Imma give this mixtape of the year.  There hasn't yet this year, in my opinion, been a project that I could just listen to on repeat no problem. Granted there are projects that I haven't listened to yet that have dropped over the past month, but I'm pretty up to date and this shit is hard. 

RetcH took this shit back to those real drug dealer days of east coast gangster rap. His raw lyricism of what he says are true events over sample heavy northern east coast style production combine to give this track genuine example of street life. 

Finesse The World takes everyone listening to it on a track by track journey through Retchy P's experiences in life. As he so eloquently put it on the 8th track on the project "[he] don't know what else to tell you, but [he] can tell you what [he's] been through". To start with the first track, Disclaimer, RetcH makes it known that this tape isnt going to be like anything any artist has put out. The intro is simple and true to its name. In the next track, Affiliation, RetcH paints the pictuire of what its like to be a real gangter rapper. He takes a few ambiguous shots at rappers today who he claims aren't as hard as they rap they are and even goes so far as to claim that he "even had ya mother smoking". Its safe to say that RetcH doesn't have much faith in the street credibility of rappers today. The third track, Round Here, is all about New Jersey (and also has my favorite beat, shoutout ASAP P on the Boards). on this cut we hear about all of the wild shit that could go down if you were to spend a day in the state that RetcH calls home. Hackensack, New Jersey has always had a reputation for violent and drug related crime so the bars from RetcH are just more validation of his authenticity. Product of Da Block, track four on the tape, is an explanation of self. RetcH shamelessly goes into detail about how Hackensack made him the man he is today. The next track, Cheap Work, RetcH steps back into his role of storyteller to tell us about his history selling drugs. Both produced by H.N.I.C., Cheap Work and Finesse the World are classic RetcH tracks in my opinion. The perfect synthesis of storytelling and braggadocious rap.The next track, Bad Luck is a cautionary tale of the hood. It warns his listeners that "the life" isn't easy to live as RetcH makes it out to be. Dirty Gingerale is the smoothest track on the album. From the way he attacks the first verse to the soulful production from Thelonious Martin, this track serves as a mental break from the rest of the gangster shit on the project; but don't get it twisted, the lyrics on tghis song aren't any less sinister. IDK What 2 Tell You is my favorite track on the project. In my opinion this track, if 100% factual, may very well prove that RetcH is one of the most lit rappers out today. This biographical song sheds light on a few events from Retchy P's life and rise to fame. Amedei Porcelana, Violence, and Still Wit It remind me of Polo Sporting Goods. They bring the mixtape's energy down progressively to close the project in a way that makes you want to listen again so you can turn the fuck back up. 

Like I said at the beginning, I give this project Mixtape of the Year already. From the superb production of every track to the sinister flow of RetcH to the subject matter of each song, this project has everything I've been waiting on this year. The fact that there aren't any features on the project either makes it even that much better. I can't wait to see if  RetcH goes on tour for this project and if so I can't wait to get a ticket and a pack of honey bourbons to burn in the crowd. 

~Kiah Fields