The Fall of the Damned

[ A look at PENTAGRVM's new project, DOOMED ]

Do you feel it? Do you believe in it? The fire that never dies, burning you forever?
Hurled into the great abyss by the archangel Gabriel, welcome rebel angels of the world. PENTAGRVM has produced the soundtrack to your descent into the suffering city of eternal pain. Abandon all hope, who enter here, for you are DOOMED

I would hear really deep orchestral and ominous sounds.

Inspired by Peter Paul Ruben's painting, The Fall of the Damned, PENTAGRVM has created a 10 track project influenced by black metal & orchestral sounds but also of course, the loss of the path that does not stray ending up in a place that is dense and difficult. "I would look at the painting and every time I looked at it, I would hear really deep orchestral and ominous sounds," mentioned PENTAGRVM. 

It’s hard down here.


The journey to your damnation starts in a disturbingly peaceful yet eerie place filled with atmospheric electricity; ominous dark clouds form below you and your fear is quieted. One last ray of light hits you at the end of IV (track 4) with a sample expressing genuine happiness. "If everyone was genuinely happy there wouldn't be any problems, you know, no one would be jealous, no one would feel envy, no one would want what the next man has, everyone would be genuinely happy - that's some real shit," he exclaimed. 
Enjoy  these last few moments while diabolical shapes float out from the dark. There is an unreachable light and you feel something sinister coming your way. Darkness is growing and eternity opens. As V (track 5) plays, you have arrived to hell; "all the way down to the last track, you're burning pretty hard ... it's hard down here."  As DOOMED comes to and end, PENTAGRVM leaves you with a remix of the influential black metal band, Mayhem's Freezing Moon which he created back in 2012 but added to DOOMED due to it being a perfect fit.

You have tasted the flesh of fallen angels. You've tasted the devil's boiling blood, it runs through your veins. You've seen beyond a world of skin, the architecture of blood and bone marrow. 
Death is coming and hell follows with her. 


s/o aliengawd
s/o levitatingman