Bones & drip-133 - hate to break it to you

In honor of the upcoming and highly anticipated Bombsesh II show on June 28th, I feel the need to cover the work that has come out of the SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ camp in the past few months. Bones' most recent project is a collaboration with long time teamsesh producer drip-133 entitled 'hate to break it to you.' 


This project is another classic Bones album. With the traditional bass heavy,  dark production coming from drip-133 and the smooth mix of rapping, singing, and scream that the skinny white pimp supplies so effortlessly, this six track album is defintely one of my favorite Bones tapes (and I've been following since Teenager dropped in 2013). The utilization of Bones' singing voice is very prevalent on this particular album and it works very well with the melodic beats that drip-133 has provided. My favorite tracks in order are eulogy, m-59, we will be here, how far away are you?, unless im wrong, and gilbalter trade center. Bones has once again proven that he can continuously release good music in large amounts with this project. 

Already with 200,000+ views on soundcloud in less than 24 hours, the quality of the album speaks for itself. It may be too early to tell but Bones seems to be on his way to becoming a solid underground legend. If he continues to release volumes of hits at the rate that he is, I see nothing but positive growth in his career; being featured on the #1 album in the country doesn't hurt either. Make sure you grab your tickets for the upcoming SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ national tour going on through this month until July. If you're in the DMV are on June 28th make sure you come out to BOMBSESH II at Baltimore Soundstage. 

~Kiah Fields