VIDEO: Vic Mensa - U Mad ft Kanye West


Them DONDA boys did it again with the visuals for their smash hit "U Mad". Grant Singer did a great job turning this already high energy song into an equally high energy video. The transistion between the red light hovering over head and the warehouse with the painted red floor was very visually stimulating and gave the video an air of suspense. The attire that Vic Mensa and Kanye West were dawning also added to the edgy black punk rock image that their camp has been portraying over the past few months. It was nice to see Dr. West paying homage to his mother wearing a specially made sweater that read "Forever in our hearts, Donda West, only one, tell Nori bout me". Hopefully this video is the beginning of another cruel summer from Kanye and his affiliates. If not the straight jackets and crowbar swinging and sparks flying make up one good ass video for a good ass song. 

~Kiah Fields