Xavier Wulf - Project X


If you're paying attention, you know that SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ are the hottest underground rap collective out right now. Currently on national tour, the collective continues to bombard soundcloud with volumes of hits for us fans watching at home to enjoy. Most recent project from 14th Squad Captain, Xavier Wulf, entitled Project X has come out just in time for supporters to prepare themself for the mutiple hours of moshpitting that goes on at a SHWB event. 


Takumi Fujiwara and his Toyota AE86

Takumi Fujiwara and his Toyota AE86

The theme of this project is based on an amine called Initial D that ran from 1998 until 2014. If you aren't familiar with the show it is about a young man named Takumi Fujiwara who's father has trained him to be a great street racer in a small town at the base of Akina Mountain. The main action of the show is centered around Fujiwara and local racing team the Akina Speed Stars.


Thunder Man has never been secretive about his love for anime so creating this project around one of the classics is expected and appreciated. Throughout the tape there are many scenes and references from the show. From song names such as, "Akina Speed Stars" (the protagonist racing team), "Wulf Takahashi" (a fusion of Xavier Wulf and Ryosuke Takahashi, a character from the first season of the anime), and "Wulf of Akina" (an allusion to the town the show takes place in) to the cover art being his own rendition of the Fujiwara Tofu Shop that the protagonist of the show, Takumi, works at with his father. Not only do the aesthetics of the mixtape sync with the show, subject matter of songs also go along with the plot of the show in Wulf's own way. For example in the song "Wulf Takahashi" there is a strong tone of cockiness in the lyrics and a bold dark beat. This is very representative of the Takahashi brothers from the first race sequence. Or in the song "Pedal To The Metal (Road Heart)" is almost a ballad from the mind of a street racer with all the references to the races that take place on the show. Wulf also went through the trouble of adding two songs by the M.O.V.E., the JPop band whose music video is the ending credits for a Initial D. 

Xavier Wulf really outdid himself conceptually on this project. Using Initial D as basis for the work gave the listener something deeper to connect to the music. The beat selection was high energy and fluid and the flow on each song was the perfect amount of smooth and aggressive. Xavier Wulf has yet to disappoint me as a rapper since he was on his Ethel shit. I look forward to seeing what the Hollow Squad captain has in store for us coming up.  

~Kiah Fields

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