VIDEO: Nuri ft Robb Bank$ & Sir Michael Rocks - Content Censored

This video is fucking crazy. Miami-based director Unkle Luc, known for his visually stimulating edits and interesting camera angles, did the damn thing  to this already hard track. Long time underground Florida producer, Nuri, dropped heat with this track as he usually does with Robb Bank$. The dark styles of the three sonic artists on this track were complimented perfectly by the alterations made by Unkle Luc in post production. My personal favorite is the beginning of the video where we see Bank$ sitting on what seems to be a hill of some sort. It reminds me faintly of the Earl Sweatshirt "Grief" video. The entire video was like a moving version of one of Unkle Luc's many prints (that are on sale on his twitter). Keep on the look out for more work from these artists and make sure to grab Nuri's forthcoming project, "Lightning EP". 

~Kiah Fields