VIDEO: Post Malone - White Iverson

Lemme start off by saying this was one of my favorite singles dropped this year. The first time i heard this song was on ESPN's Si o No and since then I've listened to it at least once a week. The video did not disappoint. Director Van Alpert did a phenominal job capturing the smooth eloquence of this record by utilizing very simple color schemes in Post Malones outfits and the scenery. The switch from and outdoor, very light almost angelic atmosphere to a darker club-like brightly lit one was also quite stimulating. The subtlty of the Iverson visual references were also genius, they were like a simple salute to the  "pound for pound" greatest basketball player of all time. Personally I'm excited to see how this Texas native climbs the later of success in the next few months. I see good things in his future if he keeps up this level of creativity. 


~Kiah Fields