There should be a still from this video next to the words "siren" and "seductress" in every english dictionary. ABRA is almost too enticing to handle in this visual for her track 'U KNOW' from her most recent project, ' ROSE'. Personally, I'm in love. Her image is tantilizing. ABRA's character is like the demon-possessed girl who got away; and, the video has this whole air of forbidden sexuality mixed with that classic girl-next-door cliche about it, but with a sinister twist. The stark cuts to transistion between scenes and lo-fi effect used sparatically were great pieces that complemented the production of the song very well, my personal favorite scene is the red on blue contrast shot. The blacked out contacts, bald accomplice, and floating bonded hands set the whle video over the top and give it a crazy dark aura. ABRA and UNIF did an phenominal job on this video. Awful records is contiously killing the visual game. I'm excited for the work they have to come and for the Father show tonight in Orange County. Stay on the look out for more from everyone's favorute pokemon songstress. 

~Kiah Fields