VIDEO: Keith Ape - It G Ma (Remix)

Keith Ape has taken over the internet in the past few months with his Korean-trap linguistic stylings. And if thefirst video wasn't enough to crash your favorite social media access point, this remix is bound to be a hit. Keith Ape successfully  this asian smash hit into a crossover worth of Allen Iverson's approval.  The remix is stacked in an interesting way that entices listeners just off of curiousity. My first thought after seeing the line-up was "lemme see how the fuck they gone pull this off"  and pull it off they did. Waka Flock, Dumbfoundead, Father, and A$AP Ferg all on one track; and, it didn't sound awkward at all. The visuals also helped tie everythign together. The devilish animation and high-energy actions of everyone on camera created an atmosphere perfect for mindless crank. Great video. Stay tuned for more from the rising star Keith Ape, he lit. 

~Kiah Fields