VIDEO: Tru Sound - On The Low

What y'all know 'bout them merkabas nigga? LA artist Tru Sound dropped visuals for his track 'On the Low" today on popular music blog Pigeons and Planes. At 17 years old, Tru Sound is someone that you should definetly paying attention. He has already shown whats he's capable of thru his volumes of past work and his affliation with Willow Smith and other members of MSFTrep. The visuals, shot by fellow Homies Only member Noah AP, the mysticism of the visuals add to the ambient traps delievered by Tru. the colors and occlut symbols flashign on screen are enough to give the viewer an acute astral projection. This young king is next level in his lyricism, production, and concepts. Stay tuned to the revolution. 

~Kiah Fields