The Midwest rap scene (with regards especially to Ohio) has gotten a lot of steady attention over the years by consistently producing fresh new artists that don’t necessarily adhere to a particular style or sound. Instead, these artists’ personae manifest themselves in their music, creating something unique with each attempt. Ohio’s latest product, the self-described insomniac LAMB$ comes correct on that notion with the release of his HOLLYHOOD EP.

The intro skit paints a chaotic picture at the beginning with sirens blaring and clips of news radio transmissions detailing several homicides only to be juxtaposed by this satirical voice welcoming listeners to “Hollyhood”. The short segment takes all but 40 seconds to draw you and without warning the beat for the second track drops as LAMB$ sings the chorus with a voice that's been pushed through so many effects that Future started to feel a disturbance in the force. The heavy use of effects allows his voice to float over the delicate beat so clean.

The rest of the tape focuses on his rapping ability and harder-hitting trap cuts courtesy of Tuger. The simple, direct style of rapping he showcases reflects the Atlanta influences. His textured voice distinguishes him from most and at times it sounds like he hasn’t seen a bed in days – and it’s dope.

My favorite track was easily “OnTheReal”; the singing/rapping combination in that song was so crisp you seem to forget that almost everyone does that now. With each song being brief – no more than 3 minutes in length – this felt more like a demonstration of his skill rather than a complete body of work and that’s fair. As he experiments and slowly finds his niche in the pursuance of his art, all he can do is grow. 


- Wadood