VIDEO: Sir E.U. - "SUPER BABY NI66A (Feat. WhyFi)"

Few rappers match the work ethic of DMV regular Sir E.U. It’s not unusual to find him putting out track after track with artists from all around the underground scene or adding to his quickly-growing volume of solo work – a collection that features some seriously precious gems. This week, E.U. premiered the video for a track off his upcoming project (due on the 32nd of October according to the video’s description).

I’ve never seen any of his videos despite listening to a bunch of his tapes heavily, but the video for “SUPER BABY NI66A” was almost exactly how I would have expected one of his videos to be, based on my experience meeting him and speaking to him. The video, directed by Unkleluc, features a plethora of different lens effects from a general hazy blurriness to some fisheye shots to wavy clips that make you feel like this was being shot underwater, but on land at the same time.

E.U. parades around the scene rapping, subtly dancing and sporting that signature smile that makes you think that he knows something you don’t. Throughout the video you see people around him going about their day to day while he continues rapping, highlighting a connection the artist has with the scenes that take place around him and the observations that he makes as a result. The sentimental tone to the song can be felt on a deeper level because of the way he narrates the very real events around him as he himself sees them. His rap style is anything but conventional as he instead chooses to approach hip-hop from somewhere bizarre, almost directly from his very soul. The video progresses to a place that is both weirder and more real and down-to-earth at the same time as the visuals are pushed through a variety of color-altering filters while depicting scenes of the artist interacting with the people around him and just generally having a good time.

While the video is amusing and features some pleasant shots of people enjoying themselves, at times it’s heavily juxtaposed by the song itself, which discusses various struggles he seems to notice in himself and in life around him. But he keeps keeping on. From clothing, to mannerisms and while always genuine and always kind this is one weird dude who’s never afraid to be himself.

Check out the homie's bandcamp - I recommend every tape on there. Watch this space for more releases. 


- Wadood