VIDEO: Diaspora - Wit An Indigo

Willow Smith, Tru Sound, & Crystal Mec did it again this time with Tyler Cole in the "Wit an Indigo" video. Directed and Edited Ben Tan, this video definitely captures the energy of the younger generation of muscicans coming up in Los Angeles. The colors, the energy, the positivity, and the fact that everyone in the video is actually indigo go perfectly with the vibe of the record . Disapora has been on the forefront of a, as they would call it, concious revolution and with this video are moving toward pushing the care-free and positive aesthetic of said movement nationally. I think this is the perfect start. The video is so bright and high energy that it immediately caught my attention, and I know for a fact that the generation under me eats this shit up. Why wouldn't they? This is a positive movement in underground music and with people like Lil B getting national exposure for promoting positivity in these dark times in our history its easy to support what Diaspora is doing. And on top of it all, these kids are fucking talented. With the oldest of the group being 18, there is almost too much potential beaning out of this collective. If i would you I'd keep all three of my eyes open to watch what Diaspora is really capable of. I'm very proud to call two of these three amazing artists my friends.

~Kiah Fields