It’s dope that I finally get to review an Atomos piece. For those who are very unfortunately unaware, Atomos (part of the larger LADS collective) is a group based in DC comprised of rappers Khan, MahiMahi and Redd, each under 20 years old and still in high school but rap like they’ve been in the game for years. The group dropped the video for their track XXX3 DVRKNE$$ before the weekend and it presents a climate that’s similar to their general body of work in it’s atmospheric, gritty and grim vibes.

The video was simple with little use of effects but a large focus on the ambient lighting. As the title would indicate, the first 40 seconds of the video features no rapping and several shots of the group in different dimly lit or otherwise unlit areas. One shot caught NAPPYNAPPA (LADS) in front of what I think was Georgetown University sporting some Batman-like watcher-from-above type poses. The beat drops and Redd’s sinister low drawl rings through your ears as he shirtlessly parades around several spots in the night before they start raging at the house. You catch a glimpse of fellow DC rapper MARTYHEEM in the middle of the mosh with Khan, who despite not rapping on the track, is going harder than any of them. Mahi’s verse was some terrifying shit though. He was on some Mortal Kombat announcer shit as the visuals picture him also raging in between stoic couch-locked moments. 

It's an interesting video and I feel like this evil type stuff is their niche. If this is the beginning, then there is much to be seen in the future. Keep a look out.


- Wadood