VIDEO: Cousin Stizz - Dirty Bands

My friend asked me if I was hip to this dude called Cousin Stizz, saying that if I wasn’t then I was sleeping on the best thing to come out of Boston. I didn’t know shit about the Boston scene so that wasn’t saying much. It took all of 8 seconds to get me to bite my tongue and realize that this guy may singlehandedly put Boston on the radar currently and permanently.

After dropping the video for "Bonds" just prior to his Suffolk County mixtape release earlier this summer and letting them simmer in mellow northeastern heat, Stizz dropped the video to one of the project’s finest jams. “Dirty Bands” takes a glance at Stizz’s life with the dirty money surrounding him and his mates accentuating the things they have had to do to survive on the Boston streets.  


The Goodwin-directed video places heavy emphasis on realism to evoke vivid realizations of what life is like for the artist as the clips roll through several shots of stacks, people bagging weed and preparing lean. Throughout the video several shots depict Stizz speaking directly to the camera while surrounded by his friends who are noticeably detached and emotionless for many scenes as if to play Stizz’s verses off as asides to the audience. The lightly saturated scenes paint a bleak picture for the neighborhood and thicken the seriousness of the predicaments Stizz finds himself caught in while the constant motion throughout the video gives it life.

Stizz comes forth as a thoroughly observant individual as he comments on not only what’s immediately going on with him and the people close to him but also casts forth his opinion on the actions of others. He finds himself at odds with deception, envy and death, making him warn naysayers against trying to stop him.

It’s apparent from the start that Stizz is in it for the win. He doesn’t care about any of the bullshit and he makes that clear from the start. He knows what he’s been through and he knows what he’s trying to get. With such an honest yet gritty delivery and such a tasteful bottom grill, best believe im keeping my ears close to Boston in anticipation of a very positive future for the artist.
Keep eyes on this space for the "No Bells" video set to drop soon. 

Make sure to do yourself a favor and cop the tape. Summer '15 belongs to Boston.



- Wadood
Photos courtesy of the homie Daniel Kreytak