DOOMSTARKS - Lively Hood

I'm back bitches. I apologize for my absence from writing on this blog and keeping you guys up to date on the music that I think is worth listening to. I've been quite busy in my own creative endeavors lately, but nevertheless I'm back to tell y'all about this fucking GEM that Adult Swim has so graciously curated for us.

Now if you love music as much as I do then I KNOW you dropped everything when you say that not only MF DOOM dropped a new song(which is enough to stop the hearts of many) but that Tony Stark aka The Wizard of Poetry aka Mr. "I Want You To Enjoy Your Summer" Ghostface Killah was on the track.

This song is everything you'd expect from this villainous duo (even though Ghost considers himself to be Iron Man reincarnate). Ghost face starts the song abruptly with the hook "Bad as in good, good as in hood, evil lurks in the shadows I wish a nigga would" and it sets the perfect ton for the remaining two minutes. His verse that follows is one in his usual gangsta ass storytelling style. It reminded me why the rap game needs artists like Ghost to check artists like Action Bronson on their authenticity. After another hook, MF DOOM slides over his production as smooth as only he could. With the same assonance that gave him his name he spits a 16 that could shake the world. I have definitely been in need of some new Doom. In this universe centered by Young Thug and Jaden Smith and their carbon copies, it may be time for the villains to save the game. With that being said, I hope this isn't that last we hear from the duo. And if you aren't hip, make sure that after you read this you educate yourself on these two patriarchs of hip hop.


Kiah Fields