Greed - Ash

What is there to say about this song? First thing first, who is JAKAN and who is Ash? JAKAN is a group of 5 high school students from Montgomery County, Maryland made up of Ash, Nozillah, KEV, Tanhippy and Yung J. Ash seems to be the most consistent member seeing as he is in every song on their soundcloud currently.

On to the song. The song can be broken in to three parts, with the first and last part being a dreamy sort of sound and the middle more bangin. The first part is kind of sleepy compared to the third. In the first part Ash asks the Lord for forgiveness, presumably for his greed. In the second he flows braggadociously over an upbeat track and assert some facts. The third part is considerably more “awake” than the first and the beat is reminiscent of a Joey Bada$$ song.

Overall I’d say the song is decent and I would look forward to anything new from Ash and the rest of the members of JAKAN.

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